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Sterilization Selfseal Pouches

Product Features 

• Self Sealing Pouches can be sealed with their self-adhesive feature on the closing part of pouch without need of sealer.
• Medical Paper provides maximum safety.
• Excellent adhesive resistant to over-exposure of steam.
•Superior barrier and quality with 60gsm or 70gsm medical kraft paper.
• Steam, EO and Formaldehyde (FO) indicators are water based and non-toxic
•Strong seal-strength, visible sealing lines.
•Clean fibre-free opening.
•All materials comply with international standards.
•Opening direction marked.
•Conformity with EN 868-5.
•Apart from those standard sizes, as long as the width is one of the standards, there is no limit at lengths.
• Self Sealing Pouches are packed as 100 pieces wrapped in film according to requested dimension
Note: Sterilization Bags can be produced with your trademark.

Product Types and Sizes

They are pre-cut size sterilization envelopes according to customer request.


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Sterile Barrier Association (SBA)

The Sterile Barrier Association (SBA) is the European trade association for companies who produce Sterile Barrier Systems (SBS) and associated equipment and accessories for the healthcare industry. 4A Medical is a member of SBA and contributes to the developments in the association.
To learn more about the SBA and its missions, visit the website: www.sterilebarrier.org

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