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 Product Features


Complies with all international standarts.

is permeable ve made of pure cellulose

Bacterial barrier.

Green, blue and white colours


Product Code Product Name Product Sizes
4ACPS300300 4A Crep Paper 300mmx300mm
4ACPS400400 4A Crep Paper 400mmx400mm
4ACPS500500 4A Crep Paper 500mmx500mm
4ACPS600600 4A Crep Paper 600mmx600mm
4ACPS750750 4A Crep Paper 750mmx750mm
4ACPS900900 4A Crep Paper 900mmx900mm
4ACPS10001000 4A Crep Paper 1000mmx1000mm
4ACPS10001200 4A Crep Paper 1000mmx1200mm
4ACPS12001200 4A Crep Paper 1200mmx1200mm


Product images